Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cute office chair redo!

Office chairs are ugly... Plain and simple. So I found one years ago that was being thrown away and I snatched it up and figured out how to disassemble it and recovered it!  Well that chair became very old and loud so I replaced it with another hideous navy blue chair that I found for 5 bucks at ReStore.  I again came home and disassembled it... But the bottom of the chair was hard to take apart so I simply stapled the fabric underneath it (hopefully no one will look under there :) I love how it came out!! I did not take pics along the way... Sorry!  But you can easily take apart the top part of the chair.  They usually pop apart once you unscrew the back piece.  Seriously if I can figure this out, ANYONE can!!

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Tracy Enders Smith said...

Can you show how you took it apart? I have some great fabric I'd like to put on an ugly office chair of ours but I have no idea how to take it apart without breaking it!

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