Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Super Fun FHE Idea... Roasting Marshmallows Indoors!

 During a recent visit to Utah to visit family, I attended a mission farewell party that was a s'more party and it was soooo much fun!  They used these little canisters inside to roast the marshmallows!  I loved the idea and came home and told my family the idea and so we did it for Family Home Evening last week!  My boys loved it!!  We had a short lesson and then went to town on making some delish s'mores! (Make sure to put something underneath your little canisters in case they get too hot, I just used a cooling rack)
 I found these Flame Heat canisters at Dollar Tree but I have seen them in bulk at Sam's Club and Costco for around $12 I think for at least 12...Don't quote me on that for sure but it was a great deal, I know that!
Anyways we had a lot of fun with this simple activity... Hope you try it out!!

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